REVIVAL SKINCARE. High vibe beauty.

Mothership Self Care cares deeply about cultivating your wellness and self care with high-performing natural luxury at reasonable prices. Making luxurious, good-for-you skincare more accessible is integral to our mission.

We challenged ourselves to take a deeply nuanced look and create a line of incredibly high quality, ethically sourced, environmentally safe yet affordable skincare products. We sought out the purest botanicals, prioritized certified organic and wild elements, and created high-performance products that are good for you, good for the earth, and good for our collective wellness.

We simplify the world of skincare for you.

Navigating the world of skincare can be overwhelming. We continuously research and distill the constant influx of new findings, trends, and products. We sort through the noise for you, and our line of Revival Skincare Essentials let you revitalize your self care routine, feel the thrill of using products that produce obvious results, and see your skin come to glowing life.

Natural, nurturing ingredients that lead you to your most radiant self.

That’s why we made this line of beautiful, transformative and refreshingly affordable personal care products for people committed to a sustainable, nourishing protocol that rewards with vibrant wellness.

 It’s high vibe beauty that revives your skin, spirit, and self care regimen.

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Down-to-earth remedies for supernatural self care.

Mothership is your resource for ethically-sourced, incredible smelling, absolute best quality skin care, body care, perfumes and remedies that restore and elevate your skin, body and mind. We believe in the power of fresh and beautiful scents with potent, therapeutic properties. We are passionate about the restorative forces of naturally-derived ingredients as both pure, effective beauty tools and high-powered natural remedies. Our purpose is to eliminate the mystery, exclusivity and high price points so that it’s easier to reconnect to your body and optimal health. Mothership is clean, simple, effective and modern solutions at an accessible price.

Taking time out for yourself is a radical notion, especially for women.

As women and mothers ourselves, we spend each day putting out energy. We have learned how essential it is to nourish ourselves, and to teach that importance to those we love. We have come to believe in the power of taking time every day to focus on and connect to our needs and desires. Rituals help us connect to our life force and our feminine power. Our goal is to provide the space for everyone to find the unique personal care rituals that work best for their needs, as well as the transformative personal care products for a sustainable, nourishing protocol that rewards all of us with vibrant, radiant wellness.

Mothership is committed to being your catalyst for prioritizing self care.

We believe that taking care of yourself is a necessary, uplifting and revolutionary act, and we’ve created a range of thoughtful, nourishing, and luxurious yet affordable self care products that are as gorgeous as they are effective. Let’s start the journey together.