The chill of winter in the Southwest, the crackle of pinyon logs on the bonfire, and fresh mountain air.

Mothership Self Care believes in the transformative power of scent. Pinyon is one of the most lush, potent and uplifting smells we use in our Revival products. Here’s more on this gorgeous wild-crafted ingredient.

You’ve learned about
rose and helichrysum and why those superstars deserve a permanent place in your skincare routine. But while those ingredients are more well known, wild pinyon is an incredible high-caliber player in our signature fragrance blend.

What is Wild Pinyon?

Pinyon (also spelled Piñon or Pinion) trees are essential and sacred to many indigenous Southwest tribes. Pinyon wood is still used on cool desert nights to warm hearths and homes with its rich, smooth and earthy scent.  You’ll find these trees in Arizona, New Mexico, and other parts of the southwestern United States. They thrive in the dry desert mountains and mesas. Water resistant, they fight disease and pests with their potent sap. They’ve been a rich source of sustenance for centuries—the seeds and pine nuts for eating and the aromatic wood for burning and sap/resin. The resin has been used by the native peoples of the Southwest for centuries as a remedy for skin problems. Its oil readily penetrates the skin, and has been shown to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration. 

Mothership Self Care’s wildcrafted pinyon is steam distilled from the needles and twigs of pinyon pine trees that have fallen in the remote high altitude deserts of Utah.

The unique scent and power of pinyon

Many have described pinyon as smelling like inhaling the fresh morning air of the Southwest mountains. It has a fresh, lemony and woodsy scent that’s unique and uplifting.

The fragrant needles and twigs of Pinus edulis give us a sweet and woodsy essential oil. In Native American culture, the pinyon is the “tree of life.” Emotionally and energetically, pinyon pine essential oil uplifts, restores, inspires and motivates. It has a truly powerful presence. 

Above all else, pinyon smells intoxicatingly good as part of the Mothership Self Care Revival skincare line. You’ll love the earthy, fresh, clean aroma that’s so connected to the earth, to the air, and to all of us. 

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Cookie Burrows