The shift of a new season is nature's way of hinting at us: slow down, take a break, reflect and renew.

Alex Katz. 10:30 am, 2017

Alex Katz. 10:30 am, 2017

As we head into fall, Mothership Self Care thinks it’s a really good time to reconnect and contemplate the primal flux and flow of life. Here are some ways we’ve been taking time out with new season rituals. These practices can help you move forward with more intention and awareness, whether it’s in the physical, professional, or creative parts of your life.

Remember that you are much more than your physical body and more than the thoughts endlessly tumbling in your mind. These habits give you the pause needed to go within, to connect, and to stop running on autopilot. This is where we begin to realign and feel better.

Sometimes a seasonal ritual is as simple as changing furniture around in a room to welcome fall and circulate energy. Other times, it’s going to the ocean to take a ceremonial final dip as summer wanes. All of these activate your senses and bring you into a conscious state. It’s all about presence. Being here now.

For Mothership Self Care, nothing quite compares to the power and energetic healing work of sitting down with pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to write freely, reflect honestly, and take stock of your head and heart. There’s neuroscience behind the power of journaling—many neurological and psychological studies have shown that journaling is an incredibly effective tool for managing stress, anxiety, and both prioritizing and achieving goals.

Some writing prompts to inspire your seasonal writing ritual:

  • 10 things that make you feel uplifted and content

  • What things do you need to work on; what things could you be gentler on yourself around?

  • Where could you use support?

  • What goals do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?

  • When you’re having a hard day, what compassionate things can you do and say to yourself?

  • Who can you text right now to express thanks to? Maybe someone who sees you and supports you.

Write whatever feels right—it doesn’t have to be perfect, legible, or typo-free. That page is your own private space to explore anything you want. Let it flow freely. We think you'll find the experience freeing and insightful.

Let us know what happens if you decide to give it a try! How do you mark the changing seasons with your own rituals? Share below or drop us an email anytime.