Self Care Rituals

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Self Care Rituals

How the simple act of taking time each day to care for yourself is really about connecting to your inner life force.

Marie Antoinette had a luxurious facial routine that included cognac, eggs, milk and lemons. Cleopatra bathed in milk, honey and rose petals. SophiA Loren smoothed her skin with olive oil. Catherine the Great melted ice on her face and decolletage each morning. You probably have your own unique routines to soothe your body and mind.

Mothership Self Care is all about the rejuvenating power of self soothing rituals. 

We believe that the transformative power of beauty and self care rituals change not only how your skin looks (and feels), but alter your energy and state of mind. 

As mothers, sisters, daughters and caretakers, we spend our days and nights giving, supporting and putting out so much of our energy. It’s crucial that we take time each day to connect to our inner force in some way. Let’s commit to nourishing ourselves more. 

Taking time out for ourselves is a radical act. 

Particularly for women, taking time out for ourselves is something we talk about but rarely put into practice. It’s about creating respect for yourself, honoring yourself, and nurturing your sacred feminine power.

In our experience, once you start taking regular, dedicated time for yourself, you begin to feel more powerful, more connected and more fulfilled. 


Mindful beauty rituals aren’t trivial.

They tune us in to ourselves.

Beauty and self care might sound trivial to some, but at Mothership Self Care, we believe the soothing power of mindful beauty rituals—like bathing, cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and more—relax us, tune us in to the sensations of our bodies, ease our tension, and reconnect us to our feminine power. It’s about slow, nourishing skincare. 

Taking time to cleanse your skin with our Double Cleansing Duo, then soothing and moisturizing with a deeply hydrating cream like our Renewal Night Cream. Even just the act of inhaling Mothership Self Care’s signature high vibe blend of Moroccan rose, Chinese rose, Helichrysum and wild pinyon will uplift and calm you. All of these rituals help you release stress , tension and check in with yourself. 

Take time to feel, breathe, connect, and go within. 

Studies show that these small moments of reconnection in our daily flow have a profound effect on our bodies and minds. Radiating beauty comes from more than just clean, powerful skincare. It radiates out from within. 

Don’t underestimate that time you take for a bath, brushing your hair, cleansing your face, moisturizing, misting. Find yourself in those places of quiet calm. Rituals are self love. 

Set an intention as you perform your daily rituals: healing, love, and energy. 

What are your self care rituals? We’d love to hear how you take time to breathe and connect within.