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Supremely nurturing and transformative. That’s the spirit of Mothership Self Care.

Right now, we are all redefining what it means to be feminine, to be beautiful, to age gracefully, and to take care of ourselves through the phases and stages of our lives.

Like you, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, and seekers. And like you, we care deeply about what we put into and onto our bodies. It matters.

The Mothership Self Care story

Our story begins with our own search for natural yet effective personal care products. We wanted to find new ways to commit to our own self care in ways that felt luxurious, therapeutic, and made a profound difference to how we feel. Those things weren’t easy for us to find.A few years ago, we decided to make our dream products ourselves.

Clean, all-natural self care products that actually work.

It all started at home. No high-paid consultants. No office. Just two friends, Cookie Burrows and Jennifer Nicks, committed to searching, studying, and learning all about botanical-rich remedies, wellness, and committing to better self-care rituals.

Botanical oils are the cornerstone of everything in our collection.

We spent a long time studying and searching for the perfect ingredients—we sourced the finest botanicals and worked non-stop to test, smell, and experience each product. We didn’t rest until we had created high-quality products we truly love.

Beautiful skin for everyone, at any age.

Mothership Self Care’s lush, high-performing products are made with nutrients proven to nourish and heal, but without the irritants, preservatives and harsh chemicals found in many personal care products. We use botanical essences packed with glow-giving antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and much more. We combine them with gentle yet effective ingredients known to fight common skin issues like wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

We believe in the transformative power of self care.

We believe in the influence of fresh, beautiful scents with potent therapeutic properties. We believe in the restorative force of naturally-derived ingredients as both pure, effective beauty tools and high-powered natural remedies. We believe you deserve skin, hair, and body care products that are as good for you as they make you look and feel.

Mothership Self Care’s purpose is to eliminate the mystery, exclusivity and high price points so that it’s even easier to reconnect to your body and optimal health.